Commercial Property

Owning a commercial building comes with a large number of risks and responsibilities. Lucky for you, Core Insurance Group has over 75 years of industry experience covering these types of risks.

Building Evaluation

  • § It starts with having the proper amount of coverage for your building(s). Thorough calculation of the proper replacement cost up front helps ensure that there will be no Co-Insurance issues or surprises at the time of loss.

Liability Exposure

  • § Adequately covering your exposure to Liability involves more than just purchasing a Liability policy. Our unique program can assist you with tenant contracts, hold harmless agreements, lease agreements, and location specific loss prevention measures.

Loss of Income

  • § The fact is most commercial property is purchased for one of two reasons: more space is needed for a business to operate or as a money-making investment. Having the proper coverage means that even after a loss occurs the income generated by the building will not be lost. Adequate Loss of Use / Income / Rent limits are essential to avoid a devastating hit to your bottom line.

Access to Favorable Markets

  • § Every insurance carrier has different appetites. Some carriers will not insure a building if there are any residential units inside, while others specialize in it. Core Insurance Group is directly licensed with or has access to dozens and dozens of carriers. This means, regardless of the particular characteristics of your commercial property, we have access to the carriers who will insure it best. We can coverage just about any building at the most competitive rates.

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